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Ready to have some fun?  On this adventure you’ll find animals that may be real or make-believe. Either way they can put a smile on your face trying to figure out what to call them. Storytellers unite on this page to weave a tall tale.

RobinThis unusual animal was spotted by an RVer off the coast of Lake Michigan. Many have speculated that it traveled hundreds of miles to visit some distant cousins. At this time zoologists are still pondering what to call it. Please help name the animal.

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Artic Badger

Artic BadgerAlthough thought to be extinct for years, several Artic Badger Faced Divers were found last September living on a small island along the coast of Chile.  Scientists and bird watchers have been studying them on a daily basis and have only counted 17 of them.  They plan to capture and tag them to study their habits to better understand what made this rare bird almost extinct.

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Camilla Stanley